Review Texts

Below is a list of texts currently available for review with Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures. If you're interested in writing a review with our journal, please contact our Reviews Editor, Dr. Christina Fawcett (, with a short biographical note and a review proposal. For more information on instructions for writing reviews, see the section on Review Essays on our "About" page.

Texts available for Standard Academic Reviews of a Single Monograph or Anthology:

Castro, Ingrid E. Childhood, Agency, and Fantasy: Walking in Other Worlds. Rowman & Littlefield, 2021.

Connan-Pintado, Christianne, and Gilles Béhotéguy. Littérature de jeunesse au présent (2). Presses Universitaires Bordeaux, 2020.

Conrad, Rachel. Young Poets and Questions of Agency: Time for Childhoods. U of Massachusetts P, 2020.

Cott, Jonathan. Pipers at the Gates of Dawn: The Wisdom of Children’s Literature. U of Minnesota P, 2020.

Glassford, Sarah, and Amy Shaw, editors. Making the Best of It: Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland During the Second World War. UBC Press, 2020.

Texts available for Longer Academic Reviews:

Picture books:

Abery, Julie. The Old Man and the Penguin. Illus. Pierre Pratt, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Alary, Laura, and Kass Reich. What Grew in Larry’s Garden. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Balasubramaniam, Saumiya. Two Drops of Brown in a Cloud of White. Illustrated by Eva Campbell, Groundwood, 2020.

Becker, Helaine. Emmy Noether: The Most Important Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of. Illus. Kari Rust, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Bhadra, Sangeeta. The Nut That Fell from the Tree. Illus. France Cormier, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Button, Lana. What if Bunny’s Not a Bully. Illus. Christine Battuz, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Carmichael, L. E., and Josée Bisaillon. The Boreal Forest: A Year in the World’s Largest Land Biome. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Chua, Charlene. Hug? Kids Can Press, 2020.

Cohen, Tziporah. No Vacancy. Groundwood, 2020.

Curtis, Andrea. A Forest in the City. Illus. Pierre Pratt, Groundwood, 2020.

Deresti Betik, Lisa. In the Dark: The Science of What Happens at Night. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Dubuc, Marianne. Your House, My House. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Ellis, Deborah. The Greats. Groundwood, 2020.

Evans, Keisha, and N.B. Gonsalvez. Consent: Deal With It Before Boundaries Get Crossed. Illustrated by Jenny Chan, Lorimer, 2020.

Farina, Laura. This Is the Path the Wolf Took. Illus. Elina Ellis, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Garbutt, Loretta, and Carment Mok. A Stopwatch from Grampa. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Gay, Marie-Louise. The Three Brothers. Groundwood, 2020.

George, Bridget. It’s a Mitig! Douglas & McIntyre, 2020.

Henderson, Judith. AAAlligator! Kids Can Press, 2020.

Hickman, Pamela. Birds: Nature All Around. Illus. Carolyn Gavin, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Hickman, Pamela. Plants: Nature All Around. Illus. Carolyn Gavin. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Hilgemann, Judy. The Great Grizzlies Go Home. Harbour Publishing, 2020.

Hodge, Deborah. West Coast Wild Babies. Illus. Karen Reczuch, Groundwood, 2020.

Hrab, Naseem, and Frank Viva. Weekend Dad. Groundwood, 2020.

Humphreys, Jessica Dee, and Rona Ambrose. The International Day of the Girl: Celebrating Girls Around the World. Illus. Simone Shin, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Isabella, Jude. Bringing Back the Wolves: How a Predator Restored an Ecosystem. Illus. Kim Smith, Kids Can Press, 2020.

James, Matt. Nice Try, Charlie. Groundwood, 2020.

Kyi, Tanya Lloyd, and Drew Shannon. This is Your Brain on Stereotypes: How Science is Tackling Unconscious Bias. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Landry, Barbara. nattiq and the Land of Statues: A Story from the Arctic. Illus. Martha Kyak, Groundwood, 2020.

Lee, Sherry J. Going Up! Illus. Charlene Chua, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Lukoff, Kyle, and Mark Hoffmann. Explosion at the Poem Factory. Groundwood, 2020.

MacLeod, Elizabeth, and Maïa Faddoul. Canadian Women: Now + Then. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Martinez, Libby, and Rebecca Gibbon. The Homesick Club. Groundwood, 2020.

Miyakoshi, Akiko. I Dream of a Journey. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Oldland, Nicholas. Hockey in the Wild. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Otheguy, Emma. A Sled for Gabo. Illus. Ana Ramírez González, Simon & Schuster, 2021.

Pendziwol, Jean E. I Found Hope in a Cherry Tree. Illustrated by Nathalie Dion, Groundwood, 2020.

Pintadera, Fran. Why Do We Cry? Illus. Ana Sender, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Riley, A. K. Snow Song. Illus. Dawn Lo, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Ritchie, Scot. Follow Your Breath: A First Book of Mindfulness. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Ritchie, Scot. Lilliana and the Frogs. Harbour Publishing, 2020.

Robillard, Evie. A Portrait in Poems: The Storied Life of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas. Illus. Rachel Katstaller, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Singh, Rina. 111 Trees: How One Village Celebrates the Birth of Every Girl. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Stinson, Kathy. The Lady with the Books: A Story Inspired by the Remarkable Work of Jella Lepman. Illus. Marie Lafrance, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Tallec, Olivier. It’s MY Tree. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Tamaki, Jillian. Our Little Kitchen. Groundwood, 2020.

Tekavec, Heather. Wanted! Criminals of the Animal Kingdom. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Thị Văn, Mượn. If You Were Night. Illus. Kelly Pousette, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Van de Hammen, Gijs. Little Wise Wolf. Illus. Hanneke Siemensma, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Woo, Alan. David Jumps In. Illus. Katty Maurey, Kids Can Press, 2020.

Novels, comics, short stories, books of poetry, etc.:

Adderson, Caroline. Izzy in the Doghouse. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Anderson, Jodi Lynn. Thirteen Witches, Book 1. Simon & Schuster, 2021.

Augustine, Myriad. Ace of Hearts. Lorimer, 2020.

Bar-el, Dan. Just Beyond the Very, Very Far North. Illustrated by Kelly Pousette, Simon and Schuster, 2020.

Boteju, Tanya. Bruised. Simon & Schuster, 2021.

Contos, Andrea. Throwaway Girls. Kids Can Press, 2020.

Elle, J. Wings of Ebony. Simon & Schuster, 2021.

Heidbreder, Robert. Our Corner Store. Illus. Chelsea O’Byrne, Groundwood, 2020.

Howling, Eric. Long Bomb. Lorimer, 2020.

Le, Loan. A Pho Love Story. Simon & Schuster, 2021

Levitt, Mike. Rugby Rivals. Lorimer, 2020.

Lundburg, Sara. The Bird in Me Flies. Groundwood, 2020.

Morris, Brittney. The Cost of Knowing. Simon & Schuster, 2021.

Namey, Laura Taylor. A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow. Simon and Schuster, 2020.

O’Brien, Alex. The Comeback. Lorimer, 2020.

Powell, Kelly. Magic Dark and Strange. Simon & Schuster, 2020.

Richardson, Rhiannon. The Meet-Cute Project. Simon & Schuster, 2020.

Rondina, Catherine. P.K. Subban: Fighting Racism to Become a Hockey Superstar and Role Model for Athletes of Colour. Lorimer, 2020.

Sandor, Steven. Easy Out. Lorimer, 2020.

Shuttleworth, Ashley. A Dark and Hollow Star. Simon & Schuster, 2021.

Taylor, Wanda. No One’s Baby. Lorimer, 2020.