Indigenous Comics and Graphic Novels: An Annotated Bibliography

  • Taylor Daigneault (Métis)
  • Amy Mazowita
  • Candida Rifkind
  • Camille Callison (Tahltan)
Keywords: Indigenous, Annotated Bibliography, graphic novels, comics


The primary focus of this Annotated Bibliography is comics by self-identified Indigenous creators and publishers working in Canada and the United States, although where possible we have included Indigenous comics from outside North America. We have attempted to include as many titles as possible up until March, 2019, but this will always be an incomplete list and we regret any omissions or oversights. We regard this Annotated Bibliography as a preliminary work and hope it can serve as the basis for more in-depth work in the expanding field of Indigenous Comics and Graphic Novels.

For a more extensive guide to comics and graphic novels featuring Indigenous characters and stories (including those by non-Indigenous creators), see the Mazinbiige Indigenous Graphic Novel Collection at the University of Manitoba Library:

For more information about this project, see Introduction: "Indigenous Comics and Graphic Novels: An Annotated Bibliography” in Jeunesse, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 139-55 (2019).

This resource will be updated twice a year, in July and December. Please send any suggestions for additions or revisions to Candida Rifkind (


DOI: 10.1353/jeu.2019.0007

Author Biographies

Taylor Daigneault (Métis)

Taylor Daigneault (Métis) is a teacher and game designer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Treaty One territory, where they worked as part of the research team for the Mazinbiige Indigenous Graphic Novel Collection Bibliography project between completing Bachelor’s degrees in arts (English) and education at the University of Winnipeg. Taylor’s most recent publication can be found in ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies, 10.3.

Amy Mazowita

Amy Mazowita holds a Master of Arts in cultural studies from the University of Winnipeg. Her research interests include visual texts and cultures, comics and graphic narratives, urban development and gentrification, contemporary Canadian literature, and popular culture. Amy expects to begin her Ph.D. in the fall of 2020 and plans to focus her doctoral research on visual and literary representations of mental health and illness.

Candida Rifkind

Candida Rifkind is Professor in the Department of English at the University of Winnipeg, where she specializes in comics studies and Canadian literature and culture. She is co-editor of Canadian Graphic: Picturing Life Narratives (Wilfred Laurier UP, 2016) and the forthcoming Documenting Trauma: Traumatic Pasts, Embodied Histories, and Graphic Reportage (Palgrave, 2020). She serves on the Executive Board of the Comics Studies Society. For more:

Camille Callison (Tahltan)

Camille Callison, Tahltan Nation member, is formerly the Indigenous Services Librarian (currently the Learning and Organizational Development Librarian) at the University of Manitoba, where she founded the Mazinbiige Indigenous Graphic Novel Collection. She is a passionate cultural activist dedicated to the continued survival and activation of Indigenous knowledge, languages, and culture.

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