Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures


Table of Contents

Volume 13, Issue 1

Summer 2021

Special Issue on Laughter



                      1            Studying Laughter
—Heather Snell


                    17            An Analysis of Humorous Devices in Picturebooks: A Pictorial Article
Elys Dolan

                    59            L’humour dans Les nouveaux contes d’Amadou Koumba de Birago Diop et La belle histoire de Leuk-le-lièvre de Léopold S. Senghor et Abdoulaye Sadji
—Nene Diop

                    80            The Anxious Laughter of Silly Songs
—John Patrick Pazdziora and Eric Pazdziora

                 114            The Social and Historical Effects of Laughter in Revolutionary Ireland: The Case of Our Boys
—Elena Ogliari

                 138            Le rire : formes et fonctions du comique dans la fiction africaine pour la jeunesse
Kodjo Attikpoé

                 159            “Laugh! I Thought I Should’ve Died”: British Music Hall Humour and the Subversion of Childhood on The Muppet Show
—Liam Maloy

                 178            Des procédés humoristiques au cœur des albums
—Isabelle Montésinos-Gelet, Rachel DeRoy-Ringuette, and Marie Dupin de Saint- André

                 205            Young Banyumasan Street Traders as Shapeshifters of Modernity: Refreshment, Production, and the Pursuit of Pranks and Jokes in Jakarta
—Traci Marie Sudana

                 237            “Which One of You Is the Twelve-Year-Old Boy?”: Children’s Humour, Wittgensteinian Jokes, and the Sack Lunch Bunch
—Michael G. Dalebout



                 259            The Pop-Up against Coronavirus Project: Child-Made Movable Books Evoking Smiles, Tears, and Hope
—Jacqueline Reid-Walsh

                 280            diversiSMILES: Forever a Work in Progress
—George F. Simons



                 305            Exploring Authenticity through Laughter and Performance in Young Adult Literature
—Stephanie Brown

                 315            Creative Agency and Play in Design-Based Games
—Christina Fawcett

                 326            Children’s Books and Colour Ecstasy: Humans’ Disconnection from Nature and What We Should Do About It
Wanderley Anchieta

                 333            The Consumption of Laughter in Everyday Life
—Kristine Dizon

                 342            Teaching Resources for the Apocalypse
—Richard Gooding



The front cover depicts an image of a wind-up toy with plastic teeth, red gums, and a pair of eyes on top. The back cover features green slime in the shape of a pile of poop. Both images are from Shutterstock.