Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures


Table of Contents

Volume 12, Issue 2

Winter 2020



                      1            Surviving a Pandemic
—Heather Snell


                    15            Flourishing in Country: An Examination of Well-Being in Australian YA Fiction
Adrielle Britten and Brooke Collins-Gearing

                    40            Board(er) Games: Space, Culture, and Empire in Jumanji and Its Intertexts
—Samira Nadkarni and Aishwarya Subramanian

                    62            “You Were Born with a Giant Silver Spoon in Your Mouth”: Geography, the Young, and Social Class in Finnish Films in the 2000s
Tommi Römpötti

                    86            Entering the Chthulucene? Making Kin with the Non-human in Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner’s Starbound Trilogy
—Alena Cicholewski

                 103            Shakespeare Criticism and Performance in Children’s Literature: In Summer Light and Becca Fair and Foul
—Philip Smith

                 129            Whose Research Is It? Reflection on Participatory Research with Women and Girls with Disabilities in the Global South
—Xuan Thuy Nguyen



                 154            Case Studies of the Child’s Perspective
—Lois Burke

                 160            Cameras and Constructs and Cancels, Oh My! Thinking Through Youth and Celebrity
—Maria Alberto

                 168            Posthumanism, Parenting, and Agency: A Review of Naomi Morgenstern’s Wild Child
—Jennifer Harrison

                 175            Youth Agency and Ideology: La Movida and the Demise of the Francoist Regime
—Julia Lin Thompson

                 183            Navigating Precarities: Agency, Intergenerational Care, and Counter-Narratives among Indigenous Migrant Youth
—Diane Sabenacio Nititham

                 188            Integration and Inequality: Mid-1900s Midwest American History, As Told by Modern Youth Literature
—Heather J. Matthews


The front cover depicts an image of rainbow with two white clouds made of modelling clay, surrounded by floating modelling clay models of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.


The back cover features a brown stuffed teddy bear, sitting up and wearing a blue medical mask. Both images are from Shutterstock.