Advance Articles

What is an Advance Article?

Following in the practice of many online publishers, Jeunesse now publishes Advance Articles. These articles are peer reviewed, revised, typeset, copy edited, and author-approved, and are made available online in advance of an official print or online issue.

How are Advance Articles different than articles published in a regularly scheduled volume/issue?

The content of Advance Articles does not change between their advance publication and publication in an official print/online issue. The only changes you will see between the Advance Article and the article published in an official issue is the addition of bibliographical information such as the volume number, issue number, and the page range.

How do I cite an Advance Article if it doesn’t have full bibliographic information?

Each Advance Article is assigned a DOI (digital object identifier) upon publishing, which follows the article once it is published within an issue. When citing an Advance Article, please be sure to include the author’s name, the title of the article, the name of the journal, the date it was published, and the article’s DOI.

Where are Advance Articles from Jeunesse available?

Advance Articles are available via the link below, as well as through Project MUSE. Once an Advance Article has been published within an official issue, it will be removed from this list and will only appear in its designated print volume/issue. Since Advance Articles have not been published within an official issue, they will not be available in institutional repositories as is often the case with officially published articles.

View current Advance Articles available here.