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Wayland, Nerida, Macquarie University
Wayland, Nerida
Weaver, Kaitlynn
Weaver, Kaitlynn
Weems, Lisa, Miami University of Ohio
Weems, Lisa
Wend-Walker, Graeme, Texas State University-San Marcos
Wend-Walker, Graeme
Whitehead, Joshua
Whitehurst, Katherine, Brock University
Whitehurst, Katherine
Willmott, Glenn
Willmott, Glenn, Queen's University
Wills, Jenny, University of Winnipeg
Wills, Jenny Heijun
Wodtke, Larissa
Wodtke, Larissa, University of Winnipeg
Wodtke, Larissa
Wolf, Doris, University of Winnipeg
Wolf, Doris
Woodrow-Butcher, Andrew, Little Island Comics
Woodrow-Butcher, Andrew
Work-Slivka, Julie Anne
Work-Slivka, Julie Anne, The University of Northern Colorado The Global Refugee Center Greeley, CO

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