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Ramos, Ana Margarida, University of Aveiro
Reilly, Caitlyn
Reilly, Caitlyn (Australia)
Reimer, Mavis
Reimer, Mavis, University of Winnipeg (Canada)
Reimer, Mavis
Renée, Louise, University of Manitoba
Renée, Louise
Rhodes, Cristina
Richards, Chris, Institute of Education, London
Richards, Chris
Rifkind, Candida
Rintoul, Suzanne
Rintoul, Suzanne (Canada)
Robinson, Laura M.
Robinson, Laura M. (Canada)
Robinson, Lili
Robinson, Lili
Rodbert, Jamila
Rodbert, Jamila
Rogers, Theresa, University of British Columbia
Rogers, Theresa
Roper, Sarah
Roper, Sarah (Australia)
Rosenberg, Teya, Texas State University-San Marcos

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