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Abate, Michelle Ann
Abate, Michelle Ann, The Ohio State University
Abate, Michelle Ann, Hollins University
Albanese, Patrizia, Ryerson University
Albanese, Patrizia
Alexander, Kristine
Alexander, Kristine, University of Lethbridge
Alexander, Kristine, University of Western Ontario
Ali, Nyala, University of Winnipeg
Ali, Nyala
Alter, Grit, Muenster University
Alter, Grit
Anderson Boyd, Julia
Anjirbag, Michelle Anya
Appleton, Catherine
Appleton, Catherine
Arias, Diana
Arias, Diana, AFIN (Childhoods, Families) Research Group, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Arizpe, Evelyn
Arizpe, Evelyn, University of Glasgow
Arnds, Peter, Trinity College Dublin
Arnds, Peter


Ball, Jonathan, University of Winnipeg
Ball, Jonathan
Barber, Christie

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