Palestinian Children’s Literature: An Overview

  • Hanan Mousa
Keywords: reflection, image, occupation, literature, children, borders, writers, Palestine


This resource offers a general historical overview of Palestinian children’s literature since 1948, the year when the whole Palestinian people ceased living in Palestine. After the establishment of the State of Israel, many Palestinians were either evacuated and driven from their homeland or chose to leave. Critics have divided Palestinian literature since that time into three categories: Palestinian literature in the diaspora, Palestinian literature in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and Palestinian literature inside Israel. Children’s literature is a part of each of these Palestinian literatures, and I discuss its development in what follows.


DOI: 10.1353/jeu.2020.0008

Author Biography

Hanan Mousa

Dr. Hanan Jacob Mousa graduated with her Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University in 2018, where she completed a dissertation on representations of popular culture in Palestinian children’s literature since 1967. She is currently an Academic Lecturer in the Department of Arabic Language at the Academic College for Arab Teacher Training in Sakhnin, Israel. She recently published Representations of Popular Culture in Palestinian Children’s Literature in Arabic.

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