Stories about Strength and Disability: How We Get Along

  • Nicole Markotić
Keywords: disability


Review of:

Di Fiore, Mariangela. Elephant Man, illustrated by Hilde Hodnefjeld, translated by Rosie Hedger, Annick, 2015.

Groth, Darren. Are You Seeing Me? Orca, 2015.

Nicholson, Lorna Schultz. Born With: Erika & Gianni. Clockwise, 2016.

Nicholson, Lorna Schultz. Fragile Bones: Harrison & Anna. Clockwise, 2015.

Segré, Chiara Valentina. Lola and I, illustrated by Paolo Domeniconi, translated by Chiara Valentina Segré, Fitzhenry, 2015.

Shaw, Liane. Don’t Tell, Don’t Tell, Don’t Tell, Second Story, 2016.

Author Biography

Nicole Markotić

Nicole Markotić specializes in creative writing, disability studies, Canadian literature, and children’s literature. In 2002, she was a visiting fellow at the University of Kiel in Germany. She is the award-winning author of seven books of poetry and fiction—Connect the DotsMinotaurs & Other AlphabetsYellow PagesScrapbook of My Years as a ZealotBent at the SpineWhelmed, and the YA novel Rough Patch—as well as a critical book, Disability in Film and Literature (2016). She has edited a collection of poetry by Dennis Cooley, By Word of Mouth,and co-edited a collection of essays on film and disability, The Problem Body: Projecting Disability on Film. She currently teaches in the English Department at the University of Windsor, in Ontario.

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