The Terror of Childness in Modern Horror Cinema

  • Max Bledstein
Keywords: monstrous children, film


Review of:

Bohlmann, Markus P. J., and Sean Moreland, editors. Monstrous Children and Childish Monsters: Essays on Cinema’s Holy Terrors. McFarland, 2015.


DOI: 10.1353/jeu.2017.0017

Author Biography

Max Bledstein

Max Bledstein is a graduate student in Cultural Studies at the University of Winnipeg and the Research Fellow for Project GraphicBio, which examines graphic biographies and other forms of illustrated life writing. He was nominated for the 2016 Algy Smillie Noad Memorial Prize for his research on representations of racial alterity in the Grand Theft Auto series. His work analyzes visual media such as comic books, television, and video games through an interdisciplinary lens incorporating literary theory, identity studies, and art history.

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