Keywords in the Cultures of Young People

  • Elizabeth Marshall
  • Derritt Mason
  • Tyler Pollard
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DOI: 10.1353/jeu.2015.0012

Author Biographies

Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth Marshall is co-editor of Rethinking Popular Culture and Media. Her interdisciplinary research on representations of childhood in popular cultural texts produced for, consumed by, and/or written about youth has appeared in a range of academic journals, including Children’s Literature QuarterlyFeminist Studies, Gender and Education, The Harvard Educational Review, and Women’s Studies Quarterly. She is an associate professor in the faculty of education at Simon Fraser University, where she teachers course on popular culture and children’s and young adult texts.

Derritt Mason

Dr. Derritt Mason is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Calgary. His primary teaching and research interests sit at the intersection of children's literature, queer theory, and cultural studies. Dr. Mason's publications include essays on the It Gets Better anti-bullying YouTube project (ESC: English Studies in Canada 38.3-4), and the history of childhood and perversity (Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 3.1). Dr. Mason recently co-edited a special issue of ESC (40.1) entitled Hysteria Manifest: Cultural Lives of a Great Disorder.

Tyler Pollard

Tyler Pollard is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University. He is Assistant Editor of Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies and Managing Director of McMaster University’s Public Intellectuals Project. His dissertation is concerned with the relationship between neo-liberalism and public and higher education in the U.S. and Canada, with a primary focus on the punitive role of debt and indebtedness in the affective and subjective lives of youth.

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