"Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid": Discourses of the Sexual Abuse of Boys

  • Marc A. Ouellette
Keywords: boys, abuse, scapegoating, sexual


Currently, the discourses of popular culture unflinchingly reproduce the myths and stereotypes of a cycle of abuse in which boys who have been victimized will inevitably sexually abuse others. Moreover, the momentum of the popular discourses leads to their frequent conflation in institutional and even in therapeutic coverage. In many ways, such boys become contemporary versions of scapegoats, branded not for something they have but rather for something that was done to them.


DOI: 10.1353/jeu.2010.0011


Author Biography

Marc A. Ouellette

Marc A. Ouellette teaches Cultural and Gender Studies at McMaster University. He has recently published a paper on "post-9/11" video games in Game Studies, and a piece on what Ouellette calls “mundane masculinity” was included in UNIversitas. A pair of upcoming works on masculinity and masochism, in James’s The Wings of the Dove and in Ford’s The Good Soldier, will be appearing in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts and in a collection on The Good Soldier (Rodopi), respectively. Ouellette is the Managing Editor of Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture.

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