Call for Book Reviewers


Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures seeks academic reviews to be published in our upcoming Special Issue on Borders (Winter 2019). Reviews will be due September 1, 2019.

Please send expressions of interest along with a brief statement of disciplinary affiliations and relevant research to with the subject line “Book Reviews - Borders."

Jeunesse publishes two types of academic reviews:

  1. Standard academic reviews of a single monograph or anthology in the 1500-2000 word range.
    1. A standard academic review should a) provide a succinct summary of the book, b) a sense of how it is styled and structured, c) a critical assessment, and d) a statement about its value as a resource for scholars working in young people’s texts and cultures. Authors should keep in mind the objective of a scholarly review, namely: to offer the journal’s readers a sense of what the book is about, how its author explores the topic, to what extent it is a meaningful contribution to the field of young people’s texts and cultures, and to whom it might be useful.

  2. Longer academic reviews in the 3500-4000 word range of groupings of texts that have in common a focus on one particular theme, genre, or issue.
    1. For longer reviews, in addition to providing a succinct summary of the books, a sense of their structures, a critical assessment of the texts and their publishing context, and a statement about their value, we also ask that authors offer an argument that both highlights the value of reviewing the texts together and offers a sense of how the theme, genre, or issue taken up in the review is currently being engaged, and with what implications, in the children’s/YA book or culture industries generally.

As such, we seek reviews of texts with the following themes, requesting that authors take into consideration the overall issue’s theme of “borders” in their review:


Sexuality and Gender (Longer Academic Review):

Abrams, Dennis. I Was Cleopatra. Groundwood, 2018.

Gilbert, Kelly Loy. Picture Us in the Light. Hyperion, 2019.

Reid, Raziel. Kens. Penguin Books, 2018.   

Shaw, Liane. Caterpillars Can’t Swim. Second Story, 2017.  

Obono, Trifonia Melibea. La Bastarda. Feminist Press, 2018.